Amy Wentworth, Younger Group Teacher, has been teaching since 1995 and has a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning. She is certified to teach children K-8th grade. She has been teaching at SAU since 1997 and during this time she has taught both the younger and middle group of students.

Amy’s passion is being a teacher, she cannot imagine herself doing anything else. She believes that through teaching one can help change the world. Amy tries to create a learning environment that is from her heart. One in which the children become empowered through designing their own learning and being active participants in the school and greater community. She loves the magic of childhood and how children remind her of the beauty in the world. She has strong environmental interests and it is her intention to help children develop a deep love for the Earth through authentic experiences.

She is a dedicated teacher to the school. She went to the School Around Us as a child and her son Alexander went there for his elementary schooling. There are times that SAU feels like it is in her blood! Additionally, she believes in the consensus process and sees how it has the potential to create peace in the school and the world. Amy is inspired by the whole idea that a group of people can work together for the good of the group rather than just for themselves.

In addition to her love of holistic education she loves gardening with her husband, Nate, being creative, taking walks in nature, hanging out with friends and dancing her heart out. Amy also enjoys working with others to do great things. She feels revived by the energy she gets from invigorating conversations, group action and the creative power of many minds working together.