JUNIOR OUTPOST CAMP: ages 7-9, July 8-12, 8:30-3:30 $245.          

This camp is designed for children who love to be immersed  in nature.  Campers will set up their own world in the woods by creating stick forts, hearing stories around a camp fire, learning basic wilderness survival skills, playing outdoor games, and discovering the animals and plant life around their “OutPost.” Campers will swim each day and have free time to let their imaginations grow.

Counselor: Amber Lee Meagher                                                            

ENCHANTED KINGDOM CAMP: ages 5-10, July 15-19, 8:30-3:30 $245.       

This camp is sure to excite the imagination of boys and girls. During this week campers will design and make their own wooden swords and shields which will fuel their play as they create a magical world in the out of doors. They will hunt for hidden treasures on a quest for the King and Queen and they’ll create forts and hideouts to make their plans about how to slay dragons and other mythical beasts. Additional activities will come from the campers interests as they create their own magical world. 

Counselor: Amy Wentworth                  

STORYBOOK THEATER CAMP: ages 4-7, July 22-26, 8:30-3:30 $245.             

This is an opportunity for children to embark on a creative, theatrical adventure in storybook theater. Through the use of guided improvisation, costumes, props and play, campers will bring their favorite storybooks to life. They will share lunch time in character if they feel so inclined and maybe bring those characters with them as they engross themselves in unguided free play throughout the afternoon. Counselor: Josie Perkins             

WIZARD CAMP: ages 5-10, July 29-Aug 2, 8:30-3:30 $245.            

During this week campers will go on a magical fantasy adventure through the world of wizardry. Discover the wonders of wizards while you are creating your cloak, wand, and many magical potions. Campers will gain knowledge of spells and the secret lives of wizards. Whether you have been using your wizard powers all of your life, or you are just beginning to discover the wizard inside you, there is something for everyone here. If wizards excite you, we invite you to join us in the magic. 

Counselor: Amy Wentworth 

BAREFOOT & WONDERMENT CAMP: ages 4-10, Aug 5-9, 8:30-3:30 $245.

This camp specializes in bringing out the magic of summer. It offers a rich variety of activities derived from our camp favorites. Activities will include arts & crafts, outdoor exploration, and science experiments. In between our guided activities children can spend time digging in our sandbox, swinging on swings, playing in forts, and exploring the many acres of woods that surround School Around Us.  The afternoons are filled with swimming and water play. 

Counselor: Amy Wentworth                       

STOP MOTION ANIMATION CAMP: ages 10-13, July 8-12, 8:30-3:30 $245.

This camp will engage participants in a one week, crash course of movie production through hands on exploration. We will use stop motion animation as part of the storytelling process. Campers will learn filmmaking jargon, scout filming locations, use shot perspectives to tell a story, what it takes to follow through with continuity in a scene, product placement, find costumes to support our story line and how music is the secret force in film. We will produce a short movie to be shared with family and friends the last day of camp. 

Counselor: Josie Perkins                                                

URBAN EXPLORERS CAMP: ages 10-13, July 15-19, 8:30-3:30 $245.    

This is a camp specifically designed to keep tweens moving by exploring the communities around them and socializing with friends. Sign-up with a bestie or bring your whole squad. No matter what, plan on making new friends and bumping into familiar faces while we hit the surrounding towns, including Downtown Portsmouth NH, Kennebunkport, York Village, York Beach Retro-Boardwalk, and Ogunquit Village.  Picnic in the park, be a true beach bum, indulge in cafe eats, go to the theatre, photo scavenger hike, see the number one movie of the summer, tour farmers markets, search out the best ice-cream shops or smoothie bar, playground tour, outdoor concert, indoor rock climbing. Oh, don’t forget a rainy day in = candle making, board-um games, popcorn and turning our space into an inside fort. 

Example Day: Portsmouth Walk: Purchase a smoothie, navigate historical downtown Portsmouth by using a tourist guide map, enjoy a picnic in Prescott Park and an impromptu photo shoot. 

Counselors: Josie Perkins and Amber Lee Meagher

Questions about Summer Camp at School Around Us? Please contact Amy at camp@schoolaroundus.org or (207)967-3143.