When: Tuesdays, October 1-29 from 1-3pm Location: 281 Log Cabin Road, Arundel, ME Ages: 5-14 Cost: $20/class To register or FMI: info@schoolaroundus.org or 207-967-3143

Class Descriptions:

October 1: Mary Zachary-Lang, collage artist and painter, will share her work with students and what inspires it. She will lead us in a discussion of bird migration, learning where common birds migrate and how they do that. This will be followed by making our birds using paint, collage, and printing techniques.  Students will also create birds with human legs, which asks us to consider migration in all aspects.

October 8: Mary Zachary-Lang will return for a second week and this time she will focus on exploring the roots of all human migrations. Discussions will include the ways that people are helping migrants of all kinds, human and animal, and the importance of that to us as a culture. We’ll look at our own family ancestry and the places that our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents came from, their stories and their struggles. Students might bring in pictures of their family to accompany their story. The art activity will involve creating birds with our names, ideas, and quotes on them that will get strung from the ceiling on wire as a flock of birds flying and migrating overhead.

October 15: Christine Ingwersen, papermaker and collage artist, will share some of her collages created with her handmade paper. She uses her creativity and art to make political statements about immigration. Students will engage in the paper making process. By the end of the workshop students will have made a number of sheets of paper. They will use this paper to create their own collages in the next art class.

October 22: The School Around Us teachers will lead the students in creating collages with their handmade paper. We’ll use inspiration from Christine’s art shared the previous week, relating to topics of immigration and migration. Students will learn collaging techniques and how to create an image with depth. Students enrolled on this date must have attended Christine’s workshop on October 15.

October 29: Originally from Brazil, Antonio Rocha is a local mime, story teller, and actor. His performances entertain as well as showcase lessons from different aspects of life. Antonio will act out a traditional story from Africa that incorporates mime, sound effects, and humor. He will then teach students basic mime techniques and help students tell their own stories using mime.