Margaret Munro, Older Group Teacher, has been teaching at the School Around Us since 2001. Originally from Buffalo, NY , Margaret attended the State University of NY at Buffalo and studied Psychology and Social Work before coming to Maine on a National Student exchange in 1988. During her time at the University of Southern Maine, Margaret studied art and graduated with a B.A. degree in Art in 1992. While at USM, she also studied Photography and Art History and loves to bring both of those passions into the classroom. Over the past few years, she has expanded her interest in film making and has shared that many times with the students – teaching a music videos class and also helping to create several whole school film projects designed and written with the kids.

Margaret brings a unique perspective to the SAU teaching team that reflects her experience as a youth in the city as well as her 25 years living in Maine . In 1998, after the birth of her second child, Margaret went back to school and in 2000 she earned a Master’s Degree in Education and Literacy from Goddard College . This was her first experience with Holistic education and the most profound educational experience she has ever had! Due to her own personal experience, and the experience her two children had as students at SAU, Margaret is a passionate proponent of Holistic Education and strongly believes in the philosophy of SAU. As a teacher, Margaret feels her role is not the typical role of the teacher, but feels she is more of a mentor and guide to the children. She believes that education should empower children and give them the skills to be caring, grounded and strong adults.

Additionally, she has a strong interest for social justice and believes in fairness to all people in our world. She hopes to continue to find new ways to inspire her students to work toward the goal of equality between people. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and also loves music, art, gardening, films, the environment, reading great books, traveling, spending time with good friends, laughing, swimming, theater, the ocean and much more.