Dear Community

Dear Beloved Community,

School Around Us has been providing holistic education in Southern Maine for 46 years. This is not by accident! Families continue to seek out alternatives in education.

My family found SAU after a major life change two years ago moving from New Jersey to Maine. Our first priority was to find a school for our two young boys, one that valued a hands-on immersive experience over test outcomes. We looked all over the state to find a place where we felt a connection. One of the most special aspects that was offered at SAU was a sense of community. Being new to the area, away from friends and family, a sense of community was a welcomed invitation.

You are a part of our community and we welcome you. SAU is now organized, not just as a parent run school, but as a community school. With your donation of $10 or more, you are a stakeholder in the School Around Us. Please join us with a contribution to our year-end appeal. Every dollar counts and donating online has never been easier to do!

With appreciation,

Ali Quincannon
Parent of Trey (9) and Shane (6)

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