Sally Ritchie, Title 1 Teacher, has been supporting the teachers at The School Around Us since 2007 by working with all three groups as a supplemental reading, writing and math teacher. She holds a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning, and is certified to teach grades K-8. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Sally discovered that her true interest was to work with children. Through intense education and training in The University of Southern Maine’s Extended Teacher Education Program, she was able to pursue her passion.  After teaching in the public school system and taking time off to spend time with her new daughter, Sally found School Around Us.  Her daughter is now in the middle group at School Around Us and loves it just as much as her mother!

School Around Us is a large part of Sally’s life.  It is where she finds community, self discovery, the wonders of children, and knowledge about our world.