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Part-Time Counselor Position Available

School Around Us, a Private K-8 Holistic School in Arundel, seeks Applicants for new Part-Time Counselor Position
Application deadline: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Please submit cover letter, resume, and three references to:
School Around Us
281 Log Cabin Road
Arundel, ME 04046
or by e-mail to:

Purpose of Position
The SAU School Counselor will provide support for students and help them develop deeper Self Knowledge, Communication and Body Knowledge skills from SAU’s 8 Basic Skills The Counselor will primarily do this by creating opportunities for communication and skill building in the classroom setting. The Counselor will also provide support for and work with teachers on immediate issues, strategy building and other processing matters. The Counselor will not provide individual therapy.

Essential Responsibilities
The Counselor will support students by planning, organizing and implementing a variety of small group activities and projects each week that facilitate and promote a thriving peer community. The Counselor will provide authentic classes that may include team building activities, skill building projects, etc. Through these weekly classes the counselor will help students gain skills that will empower them to:
• become better problem solvers
• develop their voice
• know and understand social pressures
• learn coping strategies for anxiety and emotional issues
• navigate through body image issues
• learn conflict and communication navigation
• take responsibility for tolerance and respect
• build capacity for resilience
• be reflective of self
The Counselor will support teachers during a weekly meeting that may include:
• reviewing and consulting on any areas teachers are requesting support and/or additional guidance/training
• providing tools and strategies for engaging peer relations in ways that affirm independent spirit while building confidence and self-reflection skills
• proposing and discussing different groups that might better address active needs
• providing on-going support to teachers addressing regular skill building for handling emotional situations and peer dynamics
The Counselor will support families with suggestions of additional resources when requested by parents.

Qualifications & Skill Sets
The Counselor will possess skills to observe and assess dynamics in a way that they can develop and implement group work activities and projects. These qualifications and skills include:
• significant professional experience working with youth ages 5-13
• comfortable in a multi-age setting
• genuine interest in holistic education and the development of youth
• ability to communicate and integrate teacher needs and insights
• comfortable with the democratic process and consensus
• ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing situations and children’s needs
• recognize and respond to opportunities for group problem solving
• skillful at reflection

Weekly Schedule
The Counselor will be expected to work 1 day/week for 3 1/2 hours for 33 weeks of the school year, September through June. A sample schedule is outlined below, however it will be developed based on the needs of Students and Teachers along with the skills of the Counselor.
-Set up (5 minutes)
-Session with Younger Group (35 minutes)
-Clean up/Set up (10 minutes)
-Session with Middle Group (45 minutes)
-Clean up/Set up (10 minutes)
-Session with Older Group (55 minutes)
-Clean up (5 minutes)
-Session with Teachers (30 minutes)
-Reflection-notes & recommendations (15 minutes)

compensation: $25-30/hour
employment type: part-time
non-profit organization

Accepting Students for the 2015-2016 School Year!


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