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Holistic Education – Panel Discussion

If you missed the live discussion about holistic education with Amy Wentworth, our Younger Group teacher, you still have the opportunity to watch and listen to this inspiring broadcast!

The School Around Us was invited to participate in a panel discussion about holistic education by the producer of the weekly internet show, For the Love of Learning.  Every week, For the Love of Learning “explores the voices within the alternative education movement with a panel of guests representing different perspectives.  They do not focus on what is wrong with the current system, rather the focus is on alternative solutions so that families can empower themselves with options.”  They ask folks to “listen to voices of visionaries, change makers and ordinary extraordinary people who do what they do, for the love of learning.”


1950’s Open House

Check out these great photos of our fun night celebrating the

Fabulous 50’s!

The students at School Around Us have been studying the 1950’s and immersing themselves in the time period learning about topics like Elvis, suburbia, Rosa Parks, typewriters, Sears Roebuck catalogs, penmanship classes, American Bandstand, the Korean War, and Woolworths.  Their studies have included interviewing local citizens that lived during the 50’s, creating poodle skirts and letterman sweaters, role playing a traditional 1950’s family, visiting Motorland, a local classic car dealership, and learning The Twist and 50’s dances.  The students recently hosted an Open House wearing their 1950’s fashions and sporting classic hairstyles from the period.  The evening ended with a sock hop and a few rounds of limbo!!  

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